It’s 6:30am this Sunday morning and I’m excited to watch the Wimbledon final of Nadal vs Djokovic. 🙂 I’m visiting Elaine this weekend so I’m watching from her tv. We actually went out last night and I didn’t get to bed until nearly 4am ~_~ so I only slept for 2.5 hours. But I can sleep a little after this match I think.
Oh on Friday I met Scott’s new puppy.

It’s a bulldog puppy named Pudge. He’s so cute!


Six Flags Marine World

Last weekend I went with friends to Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo Ca. It was really fun! We went on all of the main rides except the Tony Hawk one (we ran out of time and the line was really slow for this one). My favorite ride was the Medusa. \ (^◇^) /
We also saw the marine animals and shows.


After spending almost the whole day there, we drove to San Francisco and spent the night at Joseph’s playing games and drinking.

On Sunday we went to another friend’s birthday at the Golden Gate Park. We were expecting a game of kickball but instead it was volleyball. I’m incredibly bad at volleyball so I didn’t play.

This weekend

This last weekend I met up with Joseph in San Francisco. Originally we were going to go to the free Britney Spears concert but it got changed to an indoor venue due to possible rain, where they required people to get tickets. The tickets were free but it sold-out really fast so Joseph couldn’t get any. He’s more bummed about it than I am. I don’t really care for her music, but free is hard to pass up. On Saturday we decided to go to Japan Town and browse around. I got some manga from Kinokuniya bookstore. Joseph got some scarves. We had dinner at a restaurant called Sushi Aka Tombo, which had a nice variety of rolls. Joseph got a roll that had garlic chips on it and it was surprisingly good even if I don’t really like garlic. After dinner we got frozen yogurt and wandered around some more. Then we headed back to his place and just relaxed and watched things from his netflix. We watched Ponyo and I thought it was okay. On Sunday afternoon we went to the theatre to watch Sucker Punch for the awesome price of $6 each. I thought the movie was not that good… It was kind of depressing and weird. After the movie we had a really late lunch at a sandwich place Joseph likes. I don’t remember the name but their crab sandwich was really yummy.


Today, my work team had to give a presentation to our organization about Agile development. The auditorium wasn’t particularly packed, but it was still a lot of people. I don’t like public speaking so I was really nervous. My part was last and pretty short but kind of on the technical side. It went by so fast but I hope it was useful for the other developers in the audience.

Not Moving

I’m on BART right now during a little train delay. I’m on my way into the city to meet up with Joseph. I have a cut on my finger and I keep looking at it hoping it will scab up in 30 minutes..

Japanese Christian Church

Yesterday, I went to Kanako’s church for the first time. Actually it’s the first time for me to attend a church service I think. Kanako played the piano for one of the songs. Even though I attended the English service, I didn’t know any of the songs so I just stood there. I thought that church was mostly bible readings but most of yesterday’s service was singing. Kanako said that the service was different this month. I found it really interesting. My sister actually converted to Christianity but I don’t know if I’ll make that move. It’s possible though.

Slow Week

Everyday, I pay close attention to news about Japan. It’s really heartbreaking what they have to go through. I usually read the news while I eat my lunch if I’m at my cubicle and everyday, seeing the pictures and reading the stories, makes me start crying. Then I try to hide from my coworkers until my face and puffy eyes return to normal. I can’t help but want to read the updates and new articles.

On a different topic, I got a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake at work today: